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Material of lace

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Update time : 2018-10-05 14:26:37
Lace used nylon, polyester, cotton and rayon as the main raw materials. If it is supplemented with spandex or elastic yarn, it can be elastic.
1. Nylon (or polyester) + spandex: common stretch lace
2. Nylon + Polyester + (Spandex): It can be made into two-color lace, which is made of different colors dyed by brocade and polyester.
3. 100% polyester (or 100% nylon): It can be divided into monofilament and filament. Monofilaments are mostly used in wedding dresses; filaments can be used to imitate cotton.
4. Nylon (polyester) + cotton: can be made into a different color effect.
5. 100% Cotton
lace fabric material
Lace fabric used clothes, footwear, bedclothes, toys and art works.
Lace garments main are ladies underwear, tops, dress, and coats.
TecLace is a professional ladies lace garment supplier in China. We have own lace factory. We are highly experienced in OEM and ODM garment producing and has been exporting since 2005. Our designers versatility and creativity blends any possible elements of lace in their design inspiration, combining the fashion trends and vibrant colors of the current and season ahead in time. 
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