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How to choose a lace dress supplier in China?

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Update time : 2018-09-10 14:35:27
How to choose a lace dress supplier in China?
How to choose a lace dress supplier in China
China is a big exporter of clothing in wolrd, and export cloth to more than 150 countries. From January to May 2018, textile and apparel exports totaled 102.2 billion US dollars, a cumulative growth of 3.10%, an increase of 3.84 pct, and a further increase after the negative to positive growth in 2017. There are more than 10k export companies in China, including knitting, woven garment companies. But just a few companies professional produce lace garmet, TecLace is one of them.
So how to choose a good lace dress manufacturer in China?
1. Own factory
They must have own factory, then they can control the delivery time, and have High efficiency.
Also, the price is competitively, and the quality is can be control.
It is important for customers.
2. Professional
Lace fabric is a special fabric, because some one are elastic. If the factory is not professional, when they cut the fabric, the size of panels will can not be control, this caused the garment size problems.
Some lace fabrics are woven fabrics, but have woven pattern. If the factory just cut like woven fabrics, the panels are not pretty. It caused the garment is not beautiful,especially lace dress.  So the professional factory should be follow the woven patten to cutting.
The professional factory can better support the clients.
3. Own design team
Factory Designers can help customers to develop new styles in new season, and can make OEM & ODM for customers.  Also can according customer's draft to offer suitable lace fabric.
In China, there are a very big fabric market, you can find any fabric at there, and the factory designers can help customer to reduce troubles. And save more time for customers.

So, Professioanl lace garment factory can offer customer good quality, and competitively-price goods, can better support customer and reduce many troubles.
If the lace dress supplier has there three advantages which is the best supplier you are looking for.