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About embroidery lace

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Update time : 2018-08-10 16:18:50

Machine embroidery lace adopts automatic embroidery machine embroidery, that is, under the control of jacquard mechanism to obtain stripe patterns on Grey cloth, high production efficiency. All kinds of raw materials can be used as machine embroidered grey fabric, but most of them are thin fabrics, especially cotton and artificial cotton fabrics. There are two types of machine embroidery and big machine embroidery, and the most commonly used embroidery is machine embroidery. The effective length of embroidered lace is 13.7 meters (15 yards), and it can be made into full embroidery or cut into lace strips on 13.5 meters long fabric. Different kinds of lace can be produced according to different requirements, such as water-soluble lace, mesh lace, pure cotton lace, polyester-cotton lace and all kinds of thin yarn sliver lace. The flower pattern can be adjusted as needed.
Machine embroidery water-soluble lace is a large class of embroidery lace, it takes water-soluble non-woven fabric as the base cloth, using viscose filament as embroidery thread, through the computer embroidery machine rust on the base cloth, and then hot water treatment to make water-soluble non-woven fabric melt, leaving a three-dimensional lace. It can be made into strips and special shapes according to usage requirements, the latter is widely used in garment collar and bra decoration. The embroidery machine is equipped with a multicolor automatic color selection and color changing device, which can be used for single color machine embroidery or multicolor machine embroidery. Generally, the longest flowering can reach 650, lace width is more than 10, after the final treatment after the machine is off the sliver ready. Machine embroidered lace has many patterns, exquisite and beautiful embroidery, uniform and uniform, vivid image, rich in artistic and three-dimensional sense. At present, the origin of machine embroidery in China is mainly concentrated in Shandong, Guangdong and Zhejiang area. Machine embroidery has high efficiency and low cost. It has been widely used by most manufacturers.
After a long period of development, more and more kinds of embroidery lace, there are special embroidery lace, polyester cotton lace, ribbon embroidery, stripe embroidery lace, water-soluble embroidery, printing embroidery lace, jet embroidery lace, hollow embroidery lace, colored embroidery lace, gold and silver lace, section dyeing embroidery lace, tie-dyeing embroidery lace, paste Embroidered lace, embroidered lace, bead lace and so on.
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